Sonic driving album samples(release 1st of july 2011) by Archaic Wildthings

Kostas has a long history in music and at a young age he played bass guitar with punk and experimental bands. At the beginning of 90’s he started to Dj underground electronic music (as break beat’s, acid house and more) and from 1993, after his first trance party in London, he started to play psychedelic trance music and dedicated his life into the exploration of the psy-trance movement. He began organizing and playing at parties for many years under the name Dj Lory.

He started to create his own music at the end of the 90’s and in 2002 he released his first solo album and other tracks on various compilations, under the name archaic. In 2007-08 he joined up with Wildthings records family and released his first 2 tunes, on the “Digital Music Therapy” compilation under the name Archaic.

At the start of 2009 he released his Debut album for Wildthings - “Wildness”.

The music had great response and encouraged him to continue his work with passion.

Wildthings music and the London Psychedelic scene has had big influence on him and has helped him create his own unique style of music. His music is characterized by it’s deep and powerful, mysteriously surreal atmospheres, with fat and clean experimental sounds. It also provides danceable bass lines, tripped out effected percussive loops, and mixed many times with organic sounds like animals and sounds of nature. This concoction gives a characteristic shamanistic effect to the listeners and creates a very positive and healing energy feel.

The last 2 years he played at many good festivals and parties around Europe and countries like England, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Finland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech and more.

His second new album “Sonic Driving” is ready for release in spring 2011, bringing some fresh sounds to the global psychedelic community and big happiness to himself and making his vision for psychedelic music more strong and alive.

He also has second project called Avaris, which is psychedelic experimental down tempo music and mixed with different chill out styles and this year will release his first tracks.


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