Neutral Motion/Teppei Returns to Japan


Neutral Motion

Teppei has returned to Japan after his 5 years of Music research within London, having electrified the underground scene with his awesome energetic style of music. He leaves the country having played at most of the psychedelic parties found within the capital, having been signed to Wildthings and having released his debut album "Inextricably Linked".


The success of this album has brought him great acclaim and created a new stream of listeners to the label. He had great happiness playing at the Hadra dance festival in France in 2011 and his music has earned him the chance to perform at the Boom festival extravaganza in 2012, playing at the Utopia “after party” also.


He has begun tuning in the Japanese people with his music, playing at many established parties such as Jungle Fresh and Turbulence and is booked for some major Japanese festivals this coming year 2012. He is in the process of building himself a new studio in Japan, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for new news and releases from this Wild Japanese dude.