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Intelligence Explosion – E.V.P vs RealityGrid – OUT NOW!!

Intelligence Explosion – E.V.P vs RealityGrid – OUT NOW!!

Wildthings Records proudly present “Intelligence Explosion”, a special EVP vs RealityGrid 3 track psychedelic experience.

“The AI computational power will give a single thousand dollar device the computational power of all human brains combined by the year 2030”.

This latest release celebrates the oncoming singularity as we collectively progress rapidly toward a major technological paradigm shift. After all it’s better to laugh than cry so why not celebrate through music and dance!

A special self collaborative work fusing the ideas and style differences between the two projects Alex has managed to create a middle path between the two sounds and created 3 tracks ranging from 146 to 150bpm, full of groove, atmosphere and cutting edge synthesis and sound design that will take you to a very special place.

Wildthings Records

Cat. Number WildEP0020

Written and Produced by Alex Diplock

Mastered by Wild Mastering

8 December 2023 NEWS

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