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Intelligence Explosion – E.V.P vs RealityGrid – OUT NOW!!

Wildthings Records proudly present “Intelligence Explosion”, a special EVP vs RealityGrid 3 track psychedelic experience.

8 December 2023 NEWS Read more

Amanita – Hyperdrine – OUT NOW!!

Hyperdrine’s back with their latest release, “Amanita”, a 3 track groove monster & dance floor rocker! There is something for everyone here that love their unique chunky style of psychedelic dance music. Enjoy it you Wild Ones.

28 November 2023 NEWS Read more

Only Fangs – Fagins Reject OUT NOW!!

Wildthings Records are thrilled to unleash Only Fangs, a sharp and slithery EP from the uncanny Fagin’s Reject! Philthy Phil is finally back with something seriously naughty to sink your teeth into, treating us to 3 tracks in his hedonic, edgy style with this long-awaited release of verified bangers. It’ll creep you out and blow your pants off, so get involved! #WT4L

28 November 2023 NEWS Read more

Space Pollen by Zzbing – Out NOW!

Zzbing continues his progression as one of the most exciting UK artists on the scene with another leap forward in sound and production quality that will bring a huge buzz to the dancefloors worldwide with this new 4 track release, “Space Pollen”.

28 November 2023 NEWS Read more

Wildthings Records welcomes Hyperdrine

We are happy to announce that Hyperdrine are now officially on the Wildthings Records artist roster. Hyperdrine is the duo project of established producer Jay “Altus” and DJ Nico “Moonquake”. They both have a long history in the London Underground psychedelic trance world, having played at and organised some of the most legendary parties around the UK over the past two decades. Naturally, their sound is rooted in the scene they love so much. Their coming together has created a crisp, fat, chunky and of course, wild style that we think many will love!

23 January 2023 NEWS Read more

Glove Talk – EVP – OUT NOW!

Wildthings Records happily bring you the next extra dimensional release from E.V.P, the 2 track Digital 12″ release called “Glove Talk”. This 2 track monster reinforces Alex as one of the masters of the scene with his unique Wild Style approach that has brought him huge admiration and respect in this underground movement. This is the 45th release for the label and again pushes the boundaries of what this style of music can offer to the dance floors and party goers world wide!

31 January 2022 NEWS Read more

Crazy Chaos Kids – ZZbing – OUT NOW!

Carrying on with our Digital 12″ releases, Wildthings Records are super happy to bring you the debut solo release of new artist to the Label, Sean Crollman and his project “ZZbing”… and what a monster showcase release it is!
These two tracks give the Fans a kick start into what to expect from the new Wildthing in town and they won’t be disappointed. Fat, groovy, super produced UK psychedelic music at its Wildest. Enjoy!

31 January 2022 NEWS Read more

Cerebral EP – Headworks – OUT NOW!

We at Wildthings Records sit back in joy as Rowan Da Goan steps up again to showcase his unique style and production mastery in Headworks latest sonic brainstorm, Cerebral.

31 January 2022 NEWS Read more

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