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Subscribe now to our Wildthings Records Bandcamp subscription service !!

Just make a one off payment of £25 per year and you get the following :

– Access to our entire back catalogue

– full quality downloads and streaming

– Anything we release for the next 12 months after you join

– Unlimited full quality streaming via the Bandcamp IOS & Android App

Join here today:


Why would we do this?

We believe that digital subscription as a sales model is the way forward. Dwindling CD sales and the increase in MP3 and streaming sites have changed the landscape of how labels now do business.

We feel that although many people do listen a lot of the time to free streaming online, the real fans and DJ’s alike like love to collect and play the original full quality material and also directly support their favourite artists and labels by actually buying the music.

We of course prefer people to listen to our hard work at maximum quality not MP3!

We think the subscription approach is great as we can charge you next to nothing for many album & E.P releases, you get an amazing deal, and we can counter against a decaying sales model based on middle men and distribution eating what small money comes from cd and  digital sales before it reaches the label. We hope you see the value and intention behind this offer and that you can all take advantage of it if you choose to support us.



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