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Wild Times – V.A Compilation by Dj Beardy

Wild Times – V.A Compilation by Dj Beardy

Label: Wildthings Records

Release date: July 3, 2020

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Dj Beardy brings you his next Wildthings various artists compilation, “Wild Times”, showcasing some of the new exciting music coming from the Wildthings Family.
Featuring tracks by Beardy Weardy, EVP, Headworks, Fagin’s Reject, Neutral Motion, RealityGrid, Southwild and a joint track by Southwild and Bobblehead. Also this compilation brings to the Wild fans some new and exciting talent to the label, debut tracks by Hyperdrine and Zzbing..
This 11 track compilation has been tried and tested by Beardy with dance floor busting results.
Enjoy the Wild Grooves and Fat Sounds.
A Dj delight.

Mastered by Wild Mastering
Compiled by Dj Beardy
released July 3, 2020

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