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Natural State – RealityGrid – Wild12″001

Natural State – RealityGrid – Wild12″001

Label: Wildthings Records

Release date: 04/03/2017

Catalog number: Wild12"001

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Natural State

Wildthings Records first Digital 12″ is here. The days of 12″ Vinyl A/B Releases in Psychedelic Trance music might have gone but now we release a Digital version to help bring back some of those great 2 track releases! And for those that remember, some of the greatest experimental tracks were on the B Sides!

Here is the first of many digital presses..“Natural State” By RealityGrid – RealityGrid is the second project of the Psychedelic Wildthing Alex Diplock. With E.V.P being his focus for the night time dance experience, RealityGrid brings a slightly more laid back sound and rhythm base..but still pushing the boundaries in psychedelic underground music to the Max! A true master of the art of sound design and inspiration to many people.. RealityGrid is a great cross over for the party heads who love to dance! Enjoy and be Wild……

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