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Life Of Kai – Headworks – WildEP012 – OUT NOW!!

Wildthings Records rock into our autumn release schedule with the highly-anticipated debut release, ‘Life of Kai’, from our newest Wildthing, Headworks! …

13 November 2018 NEWS Read more

Non Serviam – Fagins Reject – WildEP11 – OUT NOW!!

We are delighted to announce that “Non Serviam” by Fagin’s Reject – Wildthings Records is OUT NOW exclusively on Wildthings Bandcamp!

9 June 2018 NEWS Read more

Wild Techniques – Neutral Motion Wild12″003 OUT NOW!!

“Yo..Wildthings!!!”…Neutral Motions 2018 spring release is here! His first Digital 12” Release “Wild Techniques” is OUT NOW on pre release @ Wildthings Records Band Camp!

9 June 2018 NEWS Read more

Headworks joins Wildthings Records!

We are both pleased and proud to announce that Headworks (aka Rowan Trangmar) has joined the Wildthings Records family and will shortly be releasing some great new tracks fresh for you our wild listeners..

8 April 2018 NEWS Read more

Southwild & Whiptongue – The Wrong Drop EP – Digital 12″ OUT NOW!!

Wild things Records is proud to present our latest digital 12″ – Southwild & Whiptongue – The Wrong Drop EP. A serious collaboration resulting in a wild-looney sound that will rock your socks off.

12 February 2018 NEWS Read more

The Jack Fruit EP – Southwild & Bobblehead – WildEP010 – OUT NOW!

Wildthings Records bring you their first dance floor stomping release of 2017, “The Jack Fruit EP”, a 3 track fruity number by Southwild and Bobblehead. This EP brings the master, Juergen Kassel aka Southwild, together with a new super talented producer from the beaches of Goa, Mike Steffenoni, aka Bobblehead and together they have given us a turbo boost into the new year!

30 January 2017 NEWS Read more

Amazing new yearly subscription offer!!

After more than 10 years of pumping out wild sounds to all you guys and the amazing support you have given us over the years we have decided to set up a subscription offer to our fans, also coinciding with the release of “Wildscape” the new EP from E.V.P.

9 October 2016 NEWS Read more

Wildscape – E.V.P – WildEP008 – OUT NOW!!!

After 7 albums in 9 years across 2 projects E.V.P has decided to create his first E.P for Wildthings Records. “Wildscape” – WildEp008 has pushed the envelope even further establishing his ‘Next Gen Ready’ psychedelic sound.

9 October 2016 NEWS Read more

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