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The Jack Fruit EP – Southwild & Bobblehead – WildEP010 – OUT NOW!

Wildthings Records bring you their first dance floor stomping release of 2017, “The Jack Fruit EP”, a 3 track fruity number by Southwild and Bobblehead. This EP brings the master, Juergen Kassel aka Southwild, together with a new super talented producer from the beaches of Goa, Mike Steffenoni, aka Bobblehead and together they have given us a turbo boost into the new year!

With all the classic signature styles that Wildthings Records brings to the dance floor, funking grooves, Acidic atmospheres and pumping beats, Wildthings fans will love this 3 track monster.

With many more releases on their way a wild new year awaits 🙂 Enjoy,dance and be happy!

Mastered by E.V.P @ Wild Mastering, UK

Artwork by Iain Dub
Released January 27, 2017

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Amazing new yearly subscription offer!!

After more than 10 years of pumping out wild sounds to all you guys and the amazing support you have given us over the years we have decided to set up a subscription offer to our fans, also coinciding with the release of “Wildscape” the new EP from E.V.P.

From now on you can subscribe to the Wildthings family discography and for an annual fee of £25 you can get all of the music we have released and get every new release for the next 12 months without paying anything further. We intend to unleash music throughout the year as EP’s, compilations and albums and you will automatically get all this music with no extra costs!!!

Also you can enjoy the benefits of enjoying your collection with the Bandcamp App for IOS and Android to enjoy high quality streaming of your collection directly from your Bandcamp collection to your mobile device or tablet.

You can access the offer here.

Thanks for all the amazing support, we love you ALL… PARTY HARD GUYS & GIRLS! :))

Beardy & E.V.P,

Wildthings Records.

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Wildscape – E.V.P – WildEP008 – OUT NOW!!!

After 7 albums in 9 years across 2 projects E.V.P has decided to create his first E.P for Wildthings Records. “Wildscape” – WildEp008 has pushed the envelope even further establishing his ‘Next Gen Ready’ psychedelic sound.

This is another landmark release for this psychedelic ambassador who has not stopped spreading the Wildthings Records sound right across the globe.. Go to the release page ASAP and get your dose. Also to celebrate the release we have also launched our incredible yearly subscription offer on the same day. Check our online Bandcamp shop for more information. The release page is here.

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No Gods, No Masters – Fagins Reject – WildEP007 out now!!

Wildthings Records are thrilled to present ‘No Gods, No Masters’, the hotly-anticipated, fresh new EP from Fagin’s Reject (Phil Getty), who has been making waves on dancefloors worldwide with every release.

Here he delivers 3 tracks in his unique style, perfectly blending groove, devilish detail, low-down dirty bass and an epic chunk factor. His gnarly touch permeates every tune, each weaving its own story through free-flowing, varied leads, intricate percussion, and huge funk that will make even your face dance! Ranging from 146-150bpm, this EP will speak to everyone on each side of the light-dark spectrum of psytrance, lovingly crafted to set any and every dancefloor alight. If ya don’t know, now ya know: there’s a reason they call him filthy Phil!

Release date: June 17, 2016
Artwork by: Funi @funilab

Mastered by: EVP @WildMastering


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Space Cat – Southwild – WildCD024 out now!!

We are proud to announce the release of the second album of Southwild “Space Cat” (WildCD024).

Captivating and entrancing dancefloors worldwide with his solo project, this pioneer and veteran is serving us with another no-nonsense stomper that has driven crowds wild and purring on test drives from Europe, to Mexico, Japan, Canada and beyond. Featuring 10 gems including a collaboration with label buddy EVP and a remix of old friend, Parasense, this release is guaranteed to drop jaws, pucker bass-faces and tempt partygoers to pounce on feral dance floors. The release is available now at our shop digitally and at all good online CD retailers and download sites. Check the release page for samples and more info…

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Filterheads EP & Southwild album

Filterheads our latest development has an excellent new first offering to the label. Their new EP is called ‘Space Apes’ and it is OUT NOW!! go to our Bandcamp now to get an early exclusive, it will be on general release on 25th december just in time for xmas!

Southwild has his second Wildthings Records album release approaching release entitled ‘Space Cat’. Expect full release information shortly, the release date is currently set for 31st december just in time for new years eve!!

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Next Gen Ready – EVP – WildCD023 out now

The latest E.V.P CD album ‘Next Gen Ready’ – WildCD023 has finally been released and is available through all good online CD retailers now!! Its Alex’s 7th CD album release in 10 years of Dj’s rocking the dance floors with his crazy psychedelic sounds…

Are you Next Gen Ready? Order yours now and support the label ! 🙂

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Wildthings hits Android / IOS!! Get the free apps now!

Welcome to the free Wildthings Records mobile label IOS/ANDROID app!!

Its our 10th birthday this year and within that time alot has changed in the way we all communicate with each other. We have a strong following around the world and thought it would be nice to also have a place for all of our listeners and friends to communicate, we all use Facebook but we thought it would be nice to have something a little more personalised for you all to enjoy. We decided to make this app to help you quickly keep an idea of whats happening in the land where the Wildthings are It has news posts, the label music as posted by beardy, album artwork, label event dates and links to our website, online record store, artists webpages and label video channel. Its not designed to replace our website, rather complement it instead allowing you a simple free dynamic app that lets you quickly check about our progress and access the Wildthings pulse, from a slightly lighter perspective. Also featured is a fan wall where you can post messages to us and each other and also access to explore the world of Bandapp users & their profiles to discover more new independent artists and labels across other genres. 

We chose band app as we wanted to make an app that is totally free, to the user but without invasive advertising, that serves as a simple portal to our label. On that basis we felt keeping development costs down were essential. It works well, however…

Known Issues (that we already know) :

It is both IOS and Android compatible, but at this time is only formatted for mobile phones in portrait mode, it will work on tablet but things may look a bit wrong. We hope you will excuse this small caveat and so for now we recommend using it on mobile phone for the best experience.

We think it works quite well, being totally free and also like the fact that with this app we don’t need to even think about the apple / microsoft store to be able to distribute it to you, cutting out even further the corporate middlemen.

It is new and we await to see its stability across IOS and Android users.. If you have any issues with the audio playing (as we have seen in 1 case so far) follow the sound cloud link from the links page for the exact same playlist. Please email us if you have any problems so at least we know what they are if any, although we don’t offer any support

With all that said we hope you like the new app, please share it with anyone you know who might like it and please feel free to post on the fan wall to tell us what you think.


P.s. Follow the link and make sure you press ‘Add to Home Screen’ or the equivalent on Android to add it to your phone.. also In app browsers such as FB app are not supported, please use safari or your browser to enter the address or choose open in safari (etc)  bandapp.com/wildthingsrecords

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