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Solid Forms EP – Hyperdrine

Wildthings Records are super happy to bring you the debut Ep by the new London based project “Hyperdrine”.
Nico and Jay have a long history in the London Underground psychedelic trance world and their coming together has created this fat and chunky style of music that we hope you’ll love!
Nico is a well known DJ performing for many years under the name of Moonquake and Jay is a well established producer who also has the solo project Altus. This is their first Ep release of many so we hope you enjoy the fresh and wild sounds and welcome another interesting style to be unleashed by Wildthings Records.
Turn it up and Enjoy!

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Wild Times V/A – OUT NOW!

Dj Beardy brings you his next Wildthings various artists compilation, “Wild Times”, showcasing some of the new exciting music coming from the Wildthings Family.
Featuring tracks by Beardy Weardy, EVP, Headworks, Fagin’s Reject, Neutral Motion, RealityGrid, Southwild and a joint track by Southwild and Bobblehead. Also this compilation brings to the Wild fans some new and exciting talent to the label, debut tracks by Hyperdrine and Zzbing..
This 11 track compilation has been tried and tested by Beardy with dance floor busting results.
Enjoy the Wild Grooves and Fat Sounds.
A Dj delight.
Mastered by Wild Mastering
Compiled by Dj Beardy

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Lucid Tryptamine – Filterheads – OUT NOW!

Lucid Tryptamine is a blast-ready, 3 track EP featuring a collaboration with longtime friend and legend Earthling from Zero1 Records, a remix of fellow wildmate Fagin’s Reject, and a pure, unadulterated Filterheads banger! Expect a potent sonic ride in their typical fashion: hard-hitting drops, razor-sharp leads, and that unwavering party vibe!

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2119AD – EVP – OUT NOW!

Alex Diplock, the wild genius behind E.V.P (and RealityGrid) brings us his 5th and most futuristic E.V.P album to date..Aptly titled “2119A.D”

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Meanwhile in Kreuzberg – Southwild – WildLP001 – OUT NOW!!

Wildthings Records are proud to bring you our first download-only digital album, ‘Meanwhile in Kreuzbergʼ, by the untamed maestro Southwild! This latest release from Jay Kassel is no doubt his wildest offering to date, and all you Southwild freaks wonʼt be disappointed.

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Life Of Kai – Headworks – WildEP012 – OUT NOW!!

Wildthings Records rock into our autumn release schedule with the highly-anticipated debut release, ‘Life of Kai’, from our newest Wildthing, Headworks! …

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Non Serviam – Fagins Reject – WildEP11 – OUT NOW!!

We are delighted to announce that “Non Serviam” by Fagin’s Reject – Wildthings Records is OUT NOW exclusively on Wildthings Bandcamp!

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Wild Techniques – Neutral Motion Wild12″003 OUT NOW!!

“Yo..Wildthings!!!”…Neutral Motions 2018 spring release is here! His first Digital 12” Release “Wild Techniques” is OUT NOW on pre release @ Wildthings Records Band Camp!

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